Enterprise Asset Management

GRP EAM provides valuable opportunities for Government Departments to increase the life cycle of their assets and to optimize their production capacity. The system ensures accurate followup of the various maintenance activities related to the department’s assets, from vehicles to production tools and buildings. Being fully integrated with inventory, purchasing and finance, it helps with the decisionmaking process to improve asset performance management and profitability by reducing breakdowns and breakdowns cost. It guarantees longer productive life cycle for assets, reducing maintenance costs, and sustaining the continuity of services.

About Service

Business Processes and Functionality:
  1. Assets Administration (Registration, Assignment)
  2. Assets Failure Management
  3. Work Request Self-Service
  4. Preventive Maintenance Planning
  5. Work Order Planning / Execution
  6. Re-Buildable Assets Maintenance
  7. Maintenance billing
  8. Maintain quality plans
  9. Fuel Consumption
  10. Assets Accident Tracking
  11. Period-End closure
  12. SMS Integration
Oracle Inventory, Fixed Assets, Oracle Purchasing, Order Management, Oracle GL (Costing) need to be implemented to obtain this service.

Targeted Audience

Government Semi-Government

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