Happiness Meter

The Happiness Meter is your voice in shaping the city's services and experiences It's a unique initiative in Dubai designed to capture your feedback and measure your satisfaction with the services provided by government entities and private organizations.
Happiness Meter

About Service

For Individuals: The Happiness Meter, an integral component of Dubai's Smart initiative, is a groundbreaking service designed to measure and elevate the happiness of individuals engaging with government services and businesses. Operating in real-time, it collects feedback across various touchpoints, providing a dynamic system for constant improvement. Transparent and accessible, the Happiness Meter's data is displayed publicly, contributing to a culture of openness and driving service providers to consistently enhance their offerings, thereby ensuring a city that prioritizes the well-being of its residents and visitors.

For Government and Business Sector: The Happiness Meter, seamlessly integrated into the Smart Dubai framework, serves as a dedicated tool for the Government Business sector. It offers real-time insights into user satisfaction, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement in government services and business interactions. Aligned with the city's vision to become a leading smart city, the Happiness Meter leverages cutting-edge technology to contribute to continuous enhancement and excellence within the sector, fostering a proactive approach to meeting evolving user needs.

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